Committees constitute an effective means of facilitating the monthly meeting’s business because much of the work can be done more appropriately in small groups than in the meeting for business or by individuals. Each meeting decides which committees are necessary to carry out its concerns and business. Committees conduct business in the same manner as the monthly meeting does, waiting on the Spirit for direction in their work and unity in their decisions.

Committee work enables Friends to engage in the life of the meeting, it provides familiarity with Friends’ faith and business practices, especially our decision-making process. Service on a committee also offers Friends an opportunity to use their particular gifts and to deepen friendships among the members. – -From IMYM Faith & Practice

Active Committees at Mountain View Friends Meeting

Building and Grounds
Care and Counsel
Children and the Life of the Meeting (CALM)
Death and Memorials
Worship, Ministry and Membership
Friends for Racial Equity & Education (FREE)
Peace and Justice
School of the Spirit

Trustees – The Trustees of Mountain View Friends Meeting (MVFM) have fiduciary responsibilities
to the Meeting regarding legal, contractual and financial matters. Trustees’ primary
purpose is to assure that the meeting will be able to continue into the future. They work
closely with the Finance Committee and other committees.
Mountain View Friends Meeting is a Colorado non-profit corporation, and the Trustees
function as the meeting’s board in legal matters. Trustees do not operate or direct the
meeting—that is done by all the meeting’s members and attenders, through monthly and
other Meetings for Worship With a Concern for Business.
Trustees’ responsibilities include:
– Maintenance of the meeting’s Colorado corporate status.
– Maintenance of insurance coverage for property, liability and worker’s
– Approval and maintenance of contracts, agreements and other documents
related to vendors and contractors hired by the meeting.
– Review of special usage of the Mountain View meetinghouse, whether by
members and attenders or outside groups, and execution of leases or other
agreements when necessary.
– Leasing or renting outside property that the meeting uses for events or regular
The Trustees’ work is in service to the meeting, and is directed by the Meeting for
Worship with a Concern for Business. Trustees welcome questions and comments from
all members and attenders of Mountain View Friends Meeting.
Trustee’s email:

The Care and Counsel committee is here to extend care and a helping hand to those in our community needing some support in these difficult times.  If you feel a need for support, whether it be a visit, a meal, or just a Friendly and sympathetic listener, we are here.  There is also a fund for (limited) emergency financial assistance.  We want to help.

The Response Committee’s role is to serve the community by discerning and implementing protective and supportive responses when children or vulnerable adults in the meeting are harmed or at risk. 

The Friends for Racial Equity and Education committee (FREE) has funds for members and attenders to attend anti-racism courses, workshops, or webinars offered by non-Quaker organizations.

The Health Committee continues to monitor & update COVID precautionary measures to protect our most vulnerable members.

To get involved with committees please contact