Mountain View Friends Meeting welcomes and appreciates the children in our community.
The joy of interacting with our youngest Friends brings inspiration and hope for all.

Due to ever-changing circumstances occasioned by the pandemic and adjustments since
then, the Meeting attempts to meet the needs of children who come.

First Day School at Mountain View Friends Meeting consists of activities and discussions
generally centered around Quaker testimonies and history, the Bible, and personal

In bad weather, children meet upstairs for the first 45 minutes of worship, then join the
adults downstairs for the last 15 minutes of worship.

In good weather, especially in the fall and spring, classes often take place at nearby
Observatory Park. In the summer, adults walk with the children from the meetinghouse to
Observatory Park for free play.

At least two adults work with each children’s group each Sunday, one as the teacher and
the other as backup and helper. The volunteer teachers strive to provide thought-
provoking lessons. Background checks are conducted for each teacher who works with the

As the children grow to junior high age, they are invited to help guide what topics the
lessons address.